Secure Virtual Keyboards


Oxynger KeyShield is a secure, anti-screenshot and free virtual keyboard to protect passwords and other sensitive information from malicious programs and hacking. Oxynger KeyShield protects its keystrokes from keystroke logging, screen logging, mouse logging, clipboard logging and shoulder surfing.

This secure virtual keyboard provides the world’s best protection from keylogging. It is 100% protected against hook based, API based, kernel/driver based and hardware keyloggers. Ordinary anti-keyloggers only protect from some type software keyloggers. Download here …

Neo’s SafeKeys is a free program to help protect you against keyloggers and other malware. Neo’s SafeKeys employs many anti-keylogging techniques in order to keep your information and passwords secure from identity theft, bank and credit card theft, etc.

Great Keylogger protection – the keyboard not used in the creation or transfer of your passwords…ever. Please note that the ‘standard’ drag-drop mechanism is the safest – we suggest you only use the injection mode only if your target program requires it. Download here …

Secure Data Input in Kaspersky Internet Security – Use Secure Data Input, which comprises On-Screen Keyboard and Secure Keyboard Input, to protect against malicious programs that intercept your sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card details. Spyware programs register keystrokes whenever you are using hardware keyboard. The intercepted information is then transferred to criminals over the Internet.