Land Navigation with Topo Map, Compass & GPS

“When your life depends on it, mobile phones relying on service coverage shouldn’t be your prime navigational tool. That’s why anytime you’re heading off-the-beaten-path to find solitude, a paper map, magnetic compass & GPS are absolutely non-negotiable. But simply carrying these necessities isn’t enough – you must also possess the skills and knowledge to use them effectively to find your way safely.”


This accredited training available to outdoor enthusiasts since 1997, prepares people to safely travel on a route in a wilderness setting. No previous experience is necessary. Limited class size of twelve (12) people per course. Customized training available, please inquire.

Must be 19 years of age or older to participate. Appropriate clothing, supportive footwear and bear spray are recommended. Anyone interested in becoming a participant may use our sign up form to receive detailed information about upcoming course dates, meeting location, payment method as well as a list of items necessary to bring to the training. Outdoor activities and wilderness travel are inherently risky, a liability waiver must be read, understood and signed by each participant prior to a course..

Training Details
Two days (16 hours) of comprehensive outdoor training enables people of all walks of life to to successfully navigate off-the-beaten-path, in wilderness. This appeals to anyone who spends time in the outdoors: day hikers, backpackers, rock climbers, hunters, mountain bikers, etc. The course is popular and the taught skills are used by search and rescue (SAR) organizations and outdoor professionals worldwide. Cost: CAD $185.00 (tax included).

Theoretical & Practical Training Components
Topographic Maps & Features
Recognizing Cardinal Directions
Latitude & Longitude Grid System
Universal Transverse Mercator Grid System
Military Grid Reference System
Coordinate Data Interpretation
GPS Coordinate Data Entry & Projections
Exploring Compass Models & Application
Watch & Shadow Stick Improvised Compass
Mirrored Sighting Compass & Operation
Magnetic Declination & Adjustment
Manual Position Finding & Plotting
Taking & Following Bearings
Following Bearings Using The Buddy-System
Buddy-System Low Light Techniques
Terrain Hazards & Traversing
Distance & Time Recording