.Cyber Cecurity Awareness
For Business and Individuals

Cyber crime is the fastest growing industry in Canada. A recent study found that Canadian businesses are losing billions a year to cyber crime. Identity theft cause the most devastating consequences for the affected. Criminals clear out bank accounts, take out loans, credit cards and more. Once an identity has been stolen, it is gone. Despite the staggering facts, many are unaware about how easily this could happen to them. Our InfoSec & ID Theft Awareness courses are available year round.

Information Security Awareness For Canadian Business
A comprehensive two-day workshop which provides a close look at the cyber security vulnerabilities of Canadian businesses that collect and store personal client information. Sound privacy policies and strict security protocols dramatically reduce the risk of breaches posed by cyber criminals who steal identities and financial information. Learn how to protect the privacy of your employees and clients by use of physical & electronic means set out by data safety principles of the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).
Course Duration: 16 hours. Cost: CAD $175.00

Identity Theft Awareness Course
A course with focus at online fraud, scams and identity theft. A close look at the methods used by cyber criminals to sweep up droves of personal information which web users thoughtlessly volunteer, physically or electronically. This includes exposure on popular social media networks, dating websites, etc. Sound tips and tricks about Internet privacy and safety will be provided. Course Duration: 8 hours. Cost: CAD $149.00