Starting in July 2018 Google and Mozilla will flag every website that doesn’t use HTTPS encryption. This means that potential visitors to your site who use these browsers may be prevented from reaching your site, for security reasons. 

Over the past few years, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have strongly advocated for the use of of HTTPS to help keep your browsing data safe from anybody who could gain technical access to view details of your web traffic while it is in transit between your browser and a server (another website).

Google and Mozilla already started marking all unencrypted sites with form fields as non-secure and back in 2016, showing warnings for all sites that asked for passwords and credit cards.

With this upcoming security mandate, every unencrypted site will be flagged as ‘not secure’ and marked by a red open lock icon in the address bar, whether it includes input fields or not.

Even if browsers manage to to open unencrypted websites, the red security warning will scare many visitors to your website of viruses or malware attacks. This is the time to raise these security concerns with your current web host so that visitors can securely visit your site and can rest assured that the website owner is responsible and takes the security of their customers serious.