Canadians At Risk

Every year, thousands of Canadian businesses & individuals fall victim to online fraud and data breaches. Identities, financial information and millions of dollars are lost to thieves who use advanced technologies to target them. 


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Statistics show that many have a poor understanding about the mechanics of the Internet and security vulnerabilities associated with the use of computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Thousands of unsecure business websites invite cyber criminals to lure innocent visitors to fake phishing sites to steal their personal information first and moneys later.

The numbers of reported fraud and targeted breach incidents in the business world and in the private lives of individuals are staggering.  Most losses however can be traced back to human error. 

Anyone who collects personal information in pursuit of commercial activity is responsible to protect it from unauthorized access and loss. The lack of awareness and knowledge about available protective measures and how to use them, puts everyone at great risk.

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Federal and provincial privacy laws set out rules how Canadian private-sector organizations are required to handle personal information of their customers and employees. Businesses who neglect their responsibilities to protect collected data may be placing themselves at risk of financial penalties. Affected customers may be pursuing legal actions against those responsible for their losses. 
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Data privacy and security for companies is about much more than keeping hackers at bay. A sound privacy policy helps in building stronger relationships with customers. The greater the protective measures a business provides, the greater trust, potential loyalty and reputation become.
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We teach individuals how to stay safe on the web and how not to fall victim to fraud, scams and identity theft.

Customized on-site information security consultations instruct private-sector organizations to recognize and correct physical and electronic vulnerabilities at their workplace. Acquired knowledge and awareness enable business owners to fulfill legal obligations and responsibilities. 



Information Security Awareness
Customized On-Site Data Safeguarding Workshop For Business

Introduction to Canadian Privacy & Information Protection Laws
Obligations & Responsibility For Business Owners
Physical & Electronic Security Measures


Internet Security & Privacy
Awareness Workshop For Individuals

Online Fraud, Scams & Identity Theft
Email & Social Networking
Computer & Mobile Device Security
Browser Configuration For  Computers & Phones
Secure Messaging and Calling Apps, Software & Sites
Virtual Private Networks For Open Wifi Networks
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